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seToolbelt logoseToolbelt is an open content community resource center for social entrepreneurs. Its content—over 1,000 free toolkits, cases, articles, videos, examples, manuals, interviews, podcasts, business plans, frameworks, and templates—comes from practice and spans regions, sectors, industries, and business functions.

Introduction to Understanding and Accessing Social Investment

A Brief Guide for Social Entrepreneurs and Development Practitioners

This paper explores the growing pool of money termed “social investment” that is tailored to enterprise-based approaches to social and environmental problems. Social investment can help organizations build capacity, test innovations, and achieve sustainability.

The Four Lenses Strategic Framework

Toward an Integrated Social Enterprise Methodology

4lenses logoThis paper aims to move beyond stories and definitions by presenting practitioners with a conceptual framework—as rudimentary as it may be in its first version—to inform and inspire new thinking about social enterprise performance and impart strategy and management resources to help practitioners achieve high performing social enterprises.

Four Lenses Case Studies

APOPO and Industree Craft

These case studies illustrate how specific social enterprises engage in activities across the four lenses and illuminate the synergies and tensions that arise when taking an entrepreneurial approach to addressing a social problem.

Social Enterprise Typology

Cover pageThis typology breaks down the traditional boundaries between the nonprofit and private sectors and draws definition to this new institutional animal--part business-part social--the social enterprise.

Managing the Double Bottom Line

A Business Planning Reference Guide for Social Enterprises

Managing the Double Bottom LineThis manual is intended to equip social entrepreneurs with a business planning tool for their market-led social enterprises and help them improve their social enterprise program performance.

The Integrated Approach to Social Entrepreneurship

Building High Performance Organizations

This article, published in the March 2006 issue of the Social Enterprise Reporter, discusses how an integrated approach to social enterprise offers practitioners a new paradigm for creating High Performance Organizations.

When is it Time to Say Goodbye?

Exit Strategies and Venture Philanthropy Funds

This article discusses "exit strategy", one of the most interesting and least understood pillars of the emerging practice of "venture philanthropy" or engaged grant making approach.

Case Studies in Social Enterprise

Counterpart International's Experience

Through four in-depth case studies in Ukraine, this publication highlights the beneficial impact of social enterprises on the non-profit sector, families and communities.