The Four Lenses Strategic Framework

Toward an Integrated Social Enterprise Methodology
Vincent Dawans and Kim Alter
Virtue Ventures 2009

4lenses logoThis paper aims to move beyond stories and definitions by presenting practitioners with a conceptual framework—as rudimentary as it may be in its first version—to inform and inspire new thinking about social enterprise performance and impart strategy and management resources to help practitioners achieve high performing social enterprises.

The paper’s larger audacious goal is to engage practitioners, academics, donors, and other sympathizers in a debate that will move toward developing social enterprise methodologies and best practice.

In presenting this foundational social enterprise performance framework we fully expect it to change, evolving both in content and form, while also inciting any number of tangential or niche frameworks and methodologies.

And so begins the effort toward founding common performance parameters for social enterprise from which to evolve a methodology…

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