Managing the Double Bottom Line

A Business Planning Reference Guide for Social Enterprises
Kim Alter
356 Pages, Revised Edition, 2000

Managing the Double Bottom LineThis manual is intended to equip social entrepreneurs with a business planning tool for their market-led social enterprises and help them improve their social enterprise program performance by:

  • Sharing Save the Children's stories from the trenches, including lessons learned that lend themselves to developing best-practices social entreprise programs as well as experiences that are better avoided.
  • Equipping practitioners with program planning and management, market research, and business planning tools that can be applied to any type of social enterprise.
  • Furnishing a guide that can also be used as part of a training curriculum by practitioners providing business education or technical support services to clients, implementing partners, other social enterpreneurs or students.

Throughout, the manual aims to engender strategic thinking. Exercises are conceived to be multidimensional, pushing practitioners to "think outside the box." Starting, then running, a social enterprise is far from a static process. Businesses need to reinvent themselves constantly to adapt to ever-changing environments. This entails endless strategic reflection and analysis on the part of social entreprise managers and stakeholders, with an understanding that each decision they make may have a ripple effect on other aspects of their business.

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